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We need you to put the LA into MK

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Get involved in King Underground’s MC battle jam and help bring South Central to the concrete city Milton Keynes is not that different from South Central Los Angeles. That’s what we reckon anyway. There’s already a lot that our concrete wilderness has in common with the US West Coast’s notorious inner city sprawl. We’ve already got the dirty city streets, we’ve taken on the grid sysem, Jamfree is working on the street art and we have our own gangs (even if ours are made up of twelve year olds outside offie’s shouting: “Oi…

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Jamfree: ‘Every surface of our city should be a work of art’

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JamFree is a Milton Keynes-born-and-raised live graffiti performer, street artist, gallery exhibitor and all-round hairy bloke. We caught up with him to talk about his dark and distorted work that fills the blank canvas streets of our concrete city. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Jam Free. I’ve spent the last few years of my life painting pictures and putting up posters. It’s been a concerted effort to try and change my surroundings – hopefully for the better What does Milton Keynes offer to urban…

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Preview: Babyshambles’ Adam Ficek at Revolution this Sunday, 29/5/11

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How are you spending the last bank holiday until August this Sunday? If you have any sense, you’ll probably be at Revolution checking out Adam Ficek on the decks. The former Babyshambles co-writer and drummer is making an appearance at new night Electrindie, and little did you know, this is actually his hometown gig. Ficek was born in Bletchley and made his first music in the glamorous Bletchley Leisure Centre. “There wasn’t that much happening in the alternative music scene but small pockets existed,” he told Beatcheck. Since then there’s…

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Revealed: Milton Keynes’ very own superhero

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We were hoping that MK’s caped crusader would be some kind of heroic flying concrete cow, but according to this footage, it’s actually Bat Man. No, you fools, not Batman, BAT MAN. This clip may be a bit too Kiss Ass for our liking, but it made us chuckle so we thought we’d spread the love. 

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‘We turned our local boozer into an underground Mecca’

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Let’s face it. If you live in Milton Keynes, you probably have a terrible pub on your doorstep. You know the type – run down booze holes full of chubby, balding men in England tops. But what do you do if you have one of these boozers as your local? Avoid it like the plague? Laugh about it to your mates? Put on football top, sink a few Stella and go and join the regulars in their dirty, cultural void? Or you could go one better and turn your local…

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