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It’s ok – you can turn your radios on again now

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Are you bored of turning on the radio  in MK to be greeted by a wall of cheese spun out by Z-list celebrities in a studio the other side  of the country? Us too. However, we may not have to tolerate this pain for much longer. A group of radio pros have got together to come up with a new station that’s set to serve up something a little less cheese-infested on our airwaves. Starting with a month-long trial starting this Saturday, MKFM is a locally-produced and run station that’s…

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Our raving plan for the Agora

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Ikea should turn Wolverton’s crumbling Agora into a raving hub. Hear us out. You know it makes sense. As much as we love having well-made Swedish furniture and cheap hot dogs on our doorsteps, we can never forgive Ikea for what it did to the dance music scene in Milton Keynes. In 2004 the arrival of the Swedish shopping centre spelled the end for world- famous clubbing  epicentre the Sanctuary, as Ikea raised it to the ground to make way for smug middle class mums on their Saturday morning shopping trips….

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a gang of scary girls on roller skates

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Imagine this – you’re trying to take a quick nap in a public place, and you suddenly wake up to see you’re being leapfrogged by a bunch of rowdy women with wheels strapped to their legs. You’d probably have the same look on your face as Beatcheck’s Stef when this exact thing happened to him. But these aren’t just any crazy girls on skates. This is Milton Keynes’ very own Roller Derby team. What? You don’t know what Roller Derby is? Where have you been? This slightly mad new sport…

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The top five reasons to love Folk on the Green

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This Sunday sees everyone’s favourite daytime booze-up overtake Stony Stratford. We run down the five top reasons why you should be excited about Folk on the Green. 1. The music The bands might not be world class, but there’s nothing better than seeing your mates cringe as they see their beer’d up dads on stage powering out Status Quo-esque middle of the road cheese rock on their guitars after seven pints of cider. Get amongst some of that parent rock action. That’s what we say. 2.The Chavs Well it wouldn’t…

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Sick ink in the concrete city

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Here’s a glimpse of some of the sick ink that’s set to bring a bit of colour to our residents’ skin at the city’s first tattoo convention: [slideshow] The people putting on the first MK Tattoo convention have gone balls out with the attractions. Not only have we been promised some of the best tattoo artists from around the world including those featured in this gallery, there will also be three floors of art galleries, extreme sports, custom-made bikes, graffiti artists, break dancers and live bands. There will also be…

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And now a word from our head poet

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You may not know it, but last week  Milton Keynes got its very own Poet Laureate. in the form of Mark Niel. We guess this makes him the new leader of all things poetic in the concrete city – but we couldn’t  just take his word for it that he was ready for this important role in our lives so we asked  create some words about alternative life in Milton Keynes for Beatcheck. And you know what? He did. He may be a middle aged man from Pennyland who doesn’t…

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