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July 2011


Summer Fayre this weekend – our money’s on Casiokid

This Saturday and Sunday sees the Summer Fayre take over Campbell Park in Milton Keynes with one of the biggest free music events the city has ever seen. There's a whole load of bands on offer - too many to mention here, but our pick is local boys Casiokid. This is them performing two years ago at the Summer Fayre's forerunner, MK4U. Check it out.
28th July 2011

Milton Keynes Central: if it’s good enough for Superman….

Who says Milton Keynes' train station needs a face lift? The Council is set to upgrade it next month - apparently something about it being a bleak entrance to a concrete wilderness. But we kind of like its hollow glass and concrete shell, and if this clip is to be believed, it's not just good enough for us, it's good enough for the Caped Crusader himself. So our message to the Council is this: leave the dull, grey entrance to our poor little city alone would you? And let Superman…
26th July 2011

Parklife Festival: closer than Glastonbury – and with less mud (we hope)

It might not quite be on the same scale as the likes of Glastonbury, but Parklife Festival is the closest thing Milton Keynes has to a proper music festival, so it's well worth a look. The Newport Pagnell-based summerfest takes place this Saturday, and if the weather men are to be believed, it might even be dry - so it's one up on the West Country's most famous mud bath already. Parklife has been dedicatedly run by a bunch of uber-keen volunteers for a decade now, providing a welcome dose…
22nd July 2011

An indie / alternative guide to Milton Keynes

You might not realise it but behind the horrible chain bar car crash that is our city centre, there’s a thriving indie / alternative scene in Milton Keynes. Local indie guru Adam Maskell has kindly agreed to expose this hidden world for us. So here it is: the rough guide to alternative / indie culture in the concrete city. 1. Adopt the right attitude: Love what you like, keep an open mind and ignore the moaners that listen and trust commercial mammoths like Fearne Cotton to recommend ‘new’ music two…
19th July 2011

The man who’s travelling from Glasgow to Milton Keynes – by skateboard

As much as we appreciate them for their board style, skaters in Milton Keynes have more of a reputation amongst older folk in the concrete city for stealing snouts and running over commuters than their commitment to charity, but John Stirling is setting out to prove that they're not a bad bunch after all. John, who lost his dad to cancer last year, set off from Glasgow with his best mate Zain a few days ago, and is due to arrive in the concrete city in a couple of weeks…
13th July 2011

Classic Trigger Happy as Dom Joly comes to Milton Keynes

Feeling a bit shoddy after the weekend? Well here's something that'll cheer you up. Dom Joly's playing at The Stables this Thursday, and in honour of his appearance in the city, here's a bit of the stuff that made him the household name he is today. If this inane comedy doesn't help put a smile back on your face, then good luck to you - it's going to be a long week.
11th July 2011

Beatcheck Radio tonight – check our FM beats

Ever wondered what FM radios are for? Well we have the answer for you. They were made for the sole purpose of letting you listen to Beatcheck's very own radio show, which starts tonight at 2am on MKFM. Beatcheck Breaks and Electro with the Beatcheck Monkey will give you four - yes four - hours of breaks, beats and basslines from 2am until 6am. By the morning you'll have forgotten the fact that you'd never seen the point in local radio before, and will more than likely be withered in…
8th July 2011

Alice Cooper on-stage with the Foo Fighters at the National Bowl

You don't need us to tell you that the Foo Fighters smashed it at the Bowl over the weekend. If you weren't there, you'll have heard from your mates who were, and you'll probably feeling pretty hacked off you didn't get a ticket. For those who who missed it, and even those who were there, here's our top moment of the weekend: Alice Cooper back on stage in Milton Keynes after six years away from the city of dreams alongside our friend Dave. Mr Cooper, man in tight leather trousers,…
4th July 2011