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August 2011


Roaring hip hop from the Dub Lions this Thursday

Can you hear the purr of reggae, ska and old skool hip hop? Us too. Its probably because the Dub Lions have another of their epic Slug n Lettuce shows in Milt0n Keynes this Thursday. Head down and you'll probably catch some of this: They've also got some of this courtesy of Geek Chip, Jam Free and Ayarose: Can you afford to miss this? No you cannot. Check out the event page. Now.
30th August 2011

Top five things to do in Milton Keynes this Bank Holiday weekend

The last Bank Holiday of the year beckons, and while we can't promise good weather, we can give you our top five tips of what to do in our concrete city this weekend, so here goes: 1. Keep calm and KKBB: This Friday night is all about the indie as the local authority on the scene Kiss Kiss Bang Bang takes over the Slug and Lettuce for another indie rock dance night complete with visual delights. They request that if you don't  get on with people and like to start…
26th August 2011

Junction 14 founding member: rave culture lives on in Milton Keynes

For years the Junction 14 Crew brought a smile to Milton Keynes ravers’ faces as they frustrated police with debauched free party after free party in the countryside around the concrete city. The fun ended in the early 2000’s when the crew broke up, but we tracked down one of its founding members to get an insight into MK rave’s glory days. While they didn’t want us to give their name, this leader of the Rave did tell us about the love, the music, the end, and why rave culture still lives…
19th August 2011

Candyman, Candyman, Candyman….

What happens when you say Candyman in the Mirror ten times?  Well not a lot apparently, disappointing.  This however is not disappointing, this is what happens when The Candyman makes a five minute mini mix for Beatcheck.  Hope you enjoy some mid-week beats….
17th August 2011

Pint down the Shed anyone?

There is a new venue in town, and it smells nice and sounds even better….. this little place has picked up quite the cult following almost exclusively by word of mouth. The watershed, it says above the door ”A dirty little arthole” and it’s self-described by “The shedheads” as a “tiny artistic commune with a massive heart. “ But we think it’s something more than that, it’s something Milton Keynes is in desperate need of. A place for people to hang in the day and drink herbal tea and talk…
9th August 2011

Capdown: an interview with Milton Keynes’ favourite Ska Punkers

Capdown are one of the biggest bands to have come out of Milton Keynes in recent years, and recently reformed after a five year break. We caught up Keith from the band to find out more about the concrete city’s favourite Punk Ska rockers. Who are you and what do you do? I'm Keith and play guitar for Capdown. You have always come across as proud of your MK roots. What do you think of the scene here? We are proud of making a bit of a name for music here. There…
3rd August 2011

Snow park party anyone?

There's very little we can add to these pictures, other than to say that Parkstrife returns to the SNO!Zone Milton Keynes this Saturday with another massive snow park party complete with sick DJs and a course that would make your mother cry. If you have any sense you will find out more about the event at the SNO!Zone's fan page. If on the other hand you are feeling a bit inadequate with all this heavy board action, then we are help you. We have got our hands on some free slope…
1st August 2011