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September 2011


Top five heatwave hits for the concrete city

It's September and summer has ended but the weather doesn't seem to have checked its calendar. Milton Keynes is rocking out the shades in a mini heat wave this week, so we have put together some of our favourite summer sunshine tracks to groove those sun burned feet to. Enjoy the weekend in the sun, people Let us know what you think of the summer selection.          
30th September 2011

No love here thanks – this is Milton Keynes

When Mirjam Eichenberger went to Milton Keynes to spread some love, she thought she would get a warm welcome - but she soon found out that the concrete city isn't ready for human affection. Inspired by the Free Hugs Campaign, Mirjam set about offering free hugs in the centre:mk, bringing a smile to faces of scores of shoppers in the usually emotionless chain store wilderness. But she soon found out that the Powers that Be didn't share her enthusiasm for her hugging ways. Less than an hour into her love-in,…
28th September 2011

Swedish House Mafia announce Milton Keynes Bowl show

The concrete city is set to host another massive dance music show next year. The Swedish House Mafia have signed up for a nine-hour summer dance marathon at the Bowl on Saturday 14 July 2012, and with  65,000 tickets on-sale, and further guests to be announced in February, it's looking to be big. It's the second huge dance show in Milton Keynes in three years, after last year's legendary Warriors festival headlined by the Prodigy - which is sure to help keep the city on the dance music map.…
24th September 2011

Beatboxers that even your mum will like arrive in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is about to find out that beatboxing is no longer underground. While Beardyman may have smashed up the city once or twice with his filthy underground vocal mashups, the Magnets, who hit The Stables tomorrow, are going to show us that man-made beats are no longer something you can claim as your own. With a capella covers of anything from Aerosmith to Lady Gaga, these guys clearly turn their back on cool, but they do have some talent up their vocal chords. So our suggestion is, in the…
19th September 2011

Top five things to do with an abandoned Milton Keynes warehouse

Hard times in recent years have left the concrete city with a rusty stream of empty warehouses blighting our landscape. But times they are a-changing, and out of the commercial gloom, green shoots are emerging. From the MK Lions' big box Winterhill basketball arena, to the Christian lovies' massive Newlife church in Wolverton Mill, it seems everybody's looking to create some wacky warehouse wickedness. Inspired with this creative use of empty commercial space, we've come up with our own top five things to do with an abandoned MK warehouse. Let's…
16th September 2011

Milton Keynes’ best ever stage dive?

A ten foot drop onto about five people? This lad must have balls of steel. The band in question, Mirrors, split up shortly after this gig at the Pitz in July. Whether or not the breakup was due to the mental health of their lead singer we can only hazard a guess.
2nd September 2011