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October 2011

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Producer profile: Zaheer

So far he's received airplay across the BBC, on Kiss, and seen massive online coverage, but something tells us that's just the start for the Zaheer. Taking influences from across the urban spectrum and fusing them together in a cleverly produced blend of catchy hooks and heavy basslines, Zaheer has created a unique underground sound. Milton Keynes isn't known for its urban music creativity, but we are happy to see a pioneer bucking the trend. Here he is in action producing for urban lyricist, Menis. We predict this won't be…
26th October 2011

Gigs not art will give us our Satisfaction, Ronnie

Ronnie Wood has not only survived more than 30 hardcore years of being one part of the Rolling Stones, he's also held it together enough to be able to create a collection of artworks, and even put it on show in Milton Keynes. Here is just one sample of what you might expect if you take a trip down to the Castle Galleries in thecentre:mk from tomorrow, with Wood's small collection of acrylics and oils giving an artistic flavour of the Stones' epic stage shows. While we appreciate that Ronnie…
21st October 2011

Why you should go to the Concrete Pint Beer Festival

Looking for an excuse to drink beer this week? Well look no further. Milton Keynes' very own beer festival is here. The Concrete Pint Beer Festival is now on at the Buszy. It's big, its, bad, and its run by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale. And if it's a campaign, it must be a good cause, right? Wrong? Maybe, but here's five more reasons to convince you to get yourself down amongst the booze hounds: 1. The venue: This year the booze fest is at the mighty Buszy, the…
13th October 2011
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Producer profile: Magrex

In this new section we take a look at the concrete city's finest production talent. First up on the Beatcheck hit list is the mighty Magrex. Known to his mates as Stu McGregor, Magrex is a Milton Keynes-based producer-cum-live artist who has been composing beats for the best part of a decade. He gets the Beatcheck seal of approval thanks to his mashup of styles, with drum & bass, dubstep and electronica all thrown into an eclectic fusion of sounds. He also gets another Beatcheck gold star for throwing live…
10th October 2011

Shootin’ hoops in the concrete city

Remember a little while back when we told you we need to put the LA into MK? Well now is your chance to get involved. Milton Keynes' very own basketball team (yes that's right, we have a basketball team), the MK Lions, kick off the new season at their swanky new warehouse stadium this Friday. It doesn't get more West Side than shootin' hoops, so get involved and check this one out. In fact, why not get involved on us? We have two pairs of tickets to give away for…
5th October 2011