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February 2012


Scratch Nights: alternative gallery action

Finding experimental music, film, or performance in Milton Keynes is hard at the best of times. But now they’re all available together— in an unlikely venue. Scratch Nights have been taking place in MK Gallery since January 2010, giving the concrete city an eclectic mix of alternative entertainment every Thursday night. Pretty much anything goes at these late night art events. To give you an idea, acts in recent months have included stripped back folk music from Powerdove, experimental sounds from London based record label Entr’acte, and Draw or Die,…
29th February 2012

Get down like your granny used to

Your gran might not look like she's up for clubbing, but give her a couple of sherries and we put money on the fact that she has some stories to tell from her youth that'll make your nights out sound like a Sunday stroll. And now you can sample the tricks she might have got up to thanks to Hedna's the Vintage Nightclub, which returns to the Stables this Saturday night. Hedna's sees a crowd of die-hard retro clubbers getting down  to sounds of the 1920's and 30's, while suited…
23rd February 2012

Milton Keynes’ latest advertising campaign

Inspired by the latest round of controversial advertising campaigns, we thought Milton Keynes needed a left field promotional push all of its own, so here we present: the Beatcheck Promotional Campaign for the Concrete City.   Let the tourists rush in.
21st February 2012

Producers, bands – the concrete city needs YOU

Today marks the start of our mission to find Milton Keynes' finest beatmakers. It's part of a big new Beatcheck project that will help the brightest talent shine out of the concrete cultural wasteland that is our city. If you create beats-driven music, whether that's as a producer, a band, or anything else that creates a banging sound, we want to hear from you. You don't need to have a record deal, play regular shows, or even have any friends. If you can produce noises that make people move their…
14th February 2012

Who needs the Snow Dome in weather like this?

Milton Keynes may have one of Europe's biggest indoor ski slopes, but when there's white stuff sitting on the streets of the concrete city, who needs to go indoors to get boarding? Why not take a leaf out of these guys' books? If they can do it with snow nicked from Xscape, imagine what you can do with the real thing.... Happy weekend people..
10th February 2012

The National Bowl – top five videos

Milton Keynes might not have many big spaces for gigs but it does have the mother of all venues in the form of the National Bowl. In honour of the concrete city's very own outdoor arena we thought we'd bring you the top five memories that YouTube can provide: 1. The Foo Fighters ft.  Seasick Steve and John Paul Jones (2011) What do you get if you combine Dave Grohl, a member of Led Zeppelin, and a sick blues guitarist? Incredible music that's what... 2. The Prodigy (2010) The…
9th February 2012

Newport Pagnell riot – secret footage

Whoever said Milton Keynes can't do civil disorder? This clip shows that the concrete city knows how to riot with the best of them. Take this authorities.....  
2nd February 2012