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March 2012


Oceana closes, leaving hole in Milton Keynes nightlife

Milton Keynes' biggest nightclub shut down this weekend, leaving a big cheese-shaped space in the concrete city's late night scene. Staff and promoters at Oceana in the Xscape buildng were informed the club would no longer open and all future events have been removed from the venue's website. There were fears for the 2,200 capacity club's closure in October 2011 when its parent company Luminar Leisure went into administration.  It then appeared to have been saved, but this weekend's developments have sealed the clubs's fate. Oceana opened in 2002, and…
28th March 2012

Sheding Festival – Like Reading, but in a Shed

You should know about the 'dirty little art hole' that is The Watershed by now, and this weekend sees the venue celebrate its first birthday. Screw cake, jelly and musical chairs. These guys have created a version of Reading Festival - only you won’t need to sell your mother to Bulgarian pirates as a sex slave to get a ticket for this one. Like Reading it's spread over three days with a whole load of bands. That includes The Wondersmiths, who are not far off the Maccabees - who are…
21st March 2012

Five reasons to enjoy still being a town

So Milton Keynes missed out on city status yet again - helping to prove that buying in a football club, building an IKEA the size of Saturn, and filling the town centre with every chain store and bar this side of the Sun does not make a city. But hey, we're still a town, and that's ok. To make us feel better about it, here's Beatcheck's run down of the top five town tracks of all time. Enjoy, townies. 1. The Specials, Ghost Town 2. The Killers, Sam's Town…
15th March 2012

Police accused over Milton Keynes free party violence – video footage

Milton Keynes free party goers have slammed the police for what they see as the violent break-up of free parties in the city. More than 90 police in riot gear broke up a rave in Old Wolverton last Saturday after arriving at the scene in 1.30am. Many who were there accused officers of heavy-handed tactics. Now, fresh footage has emerged of police attacking a free-party goer at Bletchley late last year, calling into question the police's wider approach to the free party scene. The footage appears to show a police…
9th March 2012