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September 2012


Drum N Bass royalty in MK with V Recordings.

Milton Keynes has always had a long lasting love affair with Drum & Bass, with some of Europe’s if not the world’s biggest raves being thrown in Ikea... sorry .. The Sanctuary. 1999 saw the creation of one of the most influential record labels in DnB, as Bryan Gee and JumpingJackFrost gave birth to V recordings. The lable was to become the stuff of rave history, putting out tracks from the likes of Roni Size, Ray Keith, DJ Die, Krust, EZ Rollers and Dilinja. Saturday 6th October we take a…
25th September 2012

What happens when you put Beatcheck and Ultra Vegas in a field?

This years Summer Fayre was a hell of a party, with two of MK's biggest underground music brands playing head to head in one small field, in the heart of the city. At the end of the night Ultra Vegas had the crowd going wild and Beatcheck's tent had the Jungle crew jumping. The Beatcheck Monkey found this short video online, a guarantee to put a smile of the face of those in attendance and a green look of envy for those who missed it. Credit to Loz Jackson for…
21st September 2012

Scooters, looks like they can be cool after all.

Scooters, we all had one as a kid, or at least the Beatcheck Monkey did.... Most of us moved on to a BMX, or a Skateboard, casting off the old naff scooter for cooler modes of trickery. But when Matt Wiles, Jake Pogson, Brad Ackerman, Ollie Thompson, Alex Welsh, Ashley Duncan, and Danny Roberts take to the mean streets of Milton Keynes, they make Scooters look cool again. Check some of these moves out....  
19th September 2012