A fishy challenge for Beatcheck resident – CB Radio

By 25th June 2012Music, Uncategorized

At Beatcheck HQ like a bit of a challenge, We like to keep our underground basement dwelling DJ’s on their toes. We also like fish, big fish, little fish…. £1 fish?

With this in mind, we sent the Beatcheck Monkey to talk to CB Radio with a bit of a fishy challenge.

CB Radio had been created by former CityBreaks resident DJ Shift in 2009 as a alias to keep his DJ work and his production work separate. Known for his chunky, techy beats, lazy bass lines and sprinkles of Old Skool sounds, we thought him up to job.

The monkey presented CB Radio with the well-known video of a musical market trader who sell’s his fish using the power of song, so impressed with the fishy flogger we asked CB Radio for a proppa dirty remix of his sales pitch. The challenge was set, hook, line and stinker.

Like a true Beatcheck beatmaster he took the bait and created this musical market trading masterpiece, we are pretty impressed with his tuna (Get it??? Tune-a?…fish?)

CB Radio feature on the forth coming album from Beatcheck Records, Sounds from a Concrete City, you can hear his track and others from the compilation on our Soundcloud by clicking here.

You can follow CB Radio on Soundcloud here.

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