A letter to the Beatcheck Monkey

By 14th November 2011Music

Dear Monkey,

A few months back some dirty scummers nicked my iPod while I was walking under the underpass on the way to the Co-op to get some fags. Now all I have for beats is my trusty wireless. That’s right, my FM Radio.

Can you help? I would like you to find me a way of bringing me breaks, beats and basslines, without a 21st century music player. Can you sort me out? Oh, and then can you buy me a new iPod for Christmas?


Little Jonny, Fishermead.

Beatcheck Breaks and Electro with the Beatcheck Monkey on MKFMThe Monkey responds….

Dear Jonny,

Well well well, who are we to let you down with your Christmas wish?

I can indeed provide a solution to your filthy music needs in your pitiful position living in the dark ages.

The Beatcheck Breaks and Electro show is back on MKFM, and this time you don’t need a sleeping disorder to tune in. You can catch the show from 9 to 11pm every Thursday until Christmas – even on your measly little FM player. Your mates (if you have any, Little Jonny) can also tune in online at www.mkfm.com

Oh, and as for buying you an iPod? What do I look like? Your monkey mug mummy? Get bent you cheeky skamp. On the other hand, if you want a crowbar to sort out those scummers who stole your stuff, just stick it on your Christmas list, and the monkey will work his monkey magic.

Love, beats, and furry nuts,

The Beatcheck Monkey xx

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