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By 2nd June 2011Art

You may not know it, but last week  Milton Keynes got its very own Poet Laureate. in the form of Mark Niel.

We guess this makes him the new leader of all things poetic in the concrete city – but we couldn’t  just take his word for it that he was ready for this important role in our lives so we asked  create some words about alternative life in Milton Keynes for Beatcheck. And you know what? He did.

He may be a middle aged man from Pennyland who doesn’t consider himself ‘youth’ or ‘urban,’ but we’re pretty impressed with what he came up with.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

Life begins at Midnight

Imagine a studio,
low lit and late,
the fag end of the night
in a town that is
too clean by daylight.

This is the witching hour
when even engineers
fuelled by nicotine
and red bull chasers
are dropping hints about bed.

The track just won’t lay right
and there’s no real reason to expect
take thirty-seven to be any different.
“Hang on, let me just try something”
says our hero.

He offers his mind to the muse
abandons hope and just plays.
Plays but doesn’t listen
doesn’t think, doesn’t plan,
doesn’t look,

lets his fingers maraud
over the fingerboard like
the Spartan 300.
He becomes the antenna
of unspoken rage and raw ambition,

channelling the spirits
of Hendrix, Lennon,
Morrison and Marley
creating riffs that could
carve culture from concrete.

On nights when the moon is full
you will hear the concrete calling
and floors that demand your feet
when abandon is all you crave
and you can’t escape the beat, beat, beat, beat, beat………

Think you could do better? Get involved. Or don’t, find out more about Mark at his website. It’s your call.

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