Beatboxers that even your mum will like arrive in Milton Keynes

By 19th September 2011Music, Uncategorized

Milton Keynes is about to find out that beatboxing is no longer underground.

While Beardyman may have smashed up the city once or twice with his filthy underground vocal mashups, the Magnets, who hit The Stables tomorrow, are going to show us that man-made beats are no longer something you can claim as your own.

With a capella covers of anything from Aerosmith to Lady Gaga, these guys clearly turn their back on cool, but they do have some talent up their vocal chords. So our suggestion is, in the words of the Scissor Sisters, ‘take yo mama 0ut tonight’, earn yourself some brownie points, and get yourself a dose of some man-made beats in a mum-friendly setting.

You never know, she might enjoy it so much that she’ll want to come and skank with you to Beardyman next time he’s in town. Now there’s  a thought.


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