Beatcheck bring Howard Marks to Milton Keynes.

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Beatcheck Presents: Howard Marks – Scholar, Smuggler, Prisoner, Scribe
February 27th and 28th, The Craufurd Arms, Milton keynes.

When Beatcheck started throwing parties in MK party scene was struggling, with only one or two really cool nights to hit.

Today the concrete city has a fresh beat running through its heart, the scene is alive and kicking.
So we thought we would try something new…… something or someone of a cult hero… join us for this very rare & intimate audience with Howard Marks.

“The most sophisticated drugs baron of all time” Daily mail.

Scholar, Smuggler, Prisoner, Scribe.

“The most sophisticated drugs baron of all time” Daily mail

Scholar, Smuggler, Prisoner, Scribe: A spoken word show By Harward Marks (A.K.A Mr Nice)

Smuggling shipments of up to 30 tons of dope, Howard Marks had connections in the FBI, CIA, MI5, IRA and smuggled some of the best hash in to the UK from around the world.

His life story has become a best selling book and blockbuster movie, he has also delivered one of the truest stories of smoking…. Spliff Politics, in the cult film: Human Traffic.

With his trademark honesty and penetrating humour, Howard will look back at four extraordinary phases of his life.

Scholar: His time as an academic and his nascent interest in marijuana.

Smuggler: His infamous years as the world’s most notorious drugs trafficker.

Prisoner: His incarceration in Terre Haute, one of the United States’ toughest penitentiaries.

Scribe: Howard brings the story up to date with his current career as a bestselling author and national treasure.

You may think you know the Howard Marks story but there are many tales still left to tell.

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