Beatcheck podcastWell hello Mr Bond, we have been expecting you…

Wait, hang on. You’re not Mr Bond. In fact you’re not a Bond at all..

But to hell with it. How about we skank out, drop beats not bombs, and make love not war with this undercover, underground podcast?


First up this month is JFB. This scratch master is a two-time DMC Champion, and not only is he smoking on the wheels of steel, he also rather fittingly has a new tune out called Licence to Wobble.  Bond style beats from a turntablist guru.

Next up is Beatcheck resident Candyman with a mini mix to die for exclusive to the Concrete Underground. If you still don’t know what that is, you might want to move out of the box you’re living in and check out the event page.

a skillzTo finish things off we have our secret weapon: Mr A.Skillz with his mix Beat Workin’ Volume 1. Some say you could kill a man with A.Skills’ levels of funk. In fact he’s got more funk than a Glastonbury dealer with a sack full of…er… funk?

Anyway, we could go on like this forever. So why don’t you put us out of our misery and just download the podcast direct from us by clicking here (Right click and save target if need be) or from the Apple gods by clicking here

Love what’s blasting in to your ears?

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Look up JFB on Facebook, The Candyman on Facebook, and the funk master A.Skillz on Facebook. Do it.

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