Beatcheck podcastChristmas is over. New Year’s Eve is but a distant memory.All there is now is January. Cold, miserable January.

But there is a way through.

This meaty sandwich of a podcast gives you everything you need to get you through your Christmas comedown.

Turn it up real loud, forget about what you did, didn’t, and wanted to do. Forget The Freestylersabout how skint you are and skank out like there is no tomorrow. Smile and be happy.

The main mix, the bread if you will, is non other than the legends in breaks, hip hop and electro, the Freestylers- holding the podcast together like the big brother of beats. It’s an hour of massive Freestylers style fun. January blues? What January blues?

Krafty KutsThe evenly spread butter boys of beats, Krafty Kuts and Dynamite MC, also provide their ‘re-rub of a Verve classic’, A Krafty Symphony, and slap bang in the middle of of this broken beat sandwich is Nasty Neil E, and his wobble-tastic track Dream With Me. A mighty fine filling of fidget if you will.

Tune in, beatcheck out, download it for free: from those Apple overlords by clicking here or direct from us here (right click and save target if needed).

Peace, love, broken beats, wobbling basslines and old skool sounds,

The Beatcheck Monkey.

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To help you get over your Christmas comedown, we,

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