BreaKnecK Beatcheck podcast

For the next instalment of the Beatcheck Podcast we wanted to bring back some breaks, beats and basslines from someone fresh thinking in Milton Keynes, so we thought who else other than fellow monkey man, BreaKnecK.

BreaKneacK  is the head primate of the world wide breakbeat collective concept “Monkey Tennis Group” The idea of the group is to create multi-DJ mixes. The first DJ starts off with 15-20 or 30 minutes, leaving the last track to run to the end allowing the mix to be picked up by the next DJ.A brilliantly simple yet genius idea that has taken the breaks community by storm.

We thought now would be a good time to send the Beatcheck Monkey round to his basement, taking a car full of bananas as incentive for an exclusive mix for the podcast. Several hours of throwing excrement and mouldy bandanna skins followed until suddenly, it just stopped… and for a few moments it fell silent..

BreaKnecK moved in to a dark corner of a sodden basement, his paws reached for the headphones…

This is what happened next…



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