Beatcheck talks to MK pop punk band, Flipsideup!

Flipsideup band photoFlipsideup! have been playing the MK scene for over 8 years, that’s some hardcore gig hours knocked up.

This Friday sees them  celebrate the launch of their first ever EP with a headline show at The Craufurd Arms. So we caught up with Guy Alderton from the band to find out more.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name’s Guy Alderton & I play guitar / backing vocals in FlipSideUp!

Describe the band and it’s sound for those who don’t know.

The band started way back in 2004 with me and a few friends jamming in my bedroom… as the years have moved on, the line ups have changed numerous times but one thing that has never changed is the name… FlipSideUp!

I grew up listening to bands like; Blink-182, The Offspring, Green Day & Deftones… as I’ve gotten older I’ve become more varied in my tastes, which is portrayed in the music I write, but what has always remained is a love for driven distorted guitar tones and catchy choruses, which is the band all over.

I always struggle to describe the bands sounds, but the best description I’ve heard is “pop punk with attack”.

What’s in store at this Fridays gig?

Friday’s show is the first time we have had the opportunity to headline a show in MK & it’s quite an honour for us that Jason Hall at the Craufurd Arms has given us the opportunity.

We’re kind of known for our energetic live shows but we have a few special treats for Friday, which you are unlikely to have seen if you have seen us live before… anybody who knows me for my solo work may well have something to sing-a-long to on the night.

We’ve also got a really great line up of bands on the bill.  I’ve been a fan of Lost Boys for ages now, so to have them supporting us is a big moment for me.

We played a show with Our Time Down There a few months ago and they were really cool dudes, so it’s going to be awesome to watch them again,  we also have MK’s Breakout! DJ’s spinning tracks in between all the bands to keep the music going from start to finish.

Highlight of being in the band? (other than talking to us of course Oh and this Friday )

That’s a hard one… there have been some great times over the years… I think personally, my fondest moment is when we played a show back in 2006 at the Pitz with Graveltrap, Fell Silent & Odd Man Out – we were all only 16(ish) and Graveltrap & Paul Rivers were kind enough to let us play, despite a complete lack of following at the time… we only played for 20 mins but the venue was sold out and it felt so great to watch so many people enjoy your music.

Tell us about the ep:

The EP is a short but sweet collection of 3 songs written from three different stages of the more recent FSU life cycle – we wanted to treat the EP as an introduction to the modern FSU & as a teaser of what to expect from us going forward.

We recorded the EP with Timfy James (Haktavist/Heart of A Coward)  @ Core Studios in Milton Keynes and I can safely say, I’m really proud of the finished product.

Interesting Fact… we had over 16 people guest on the gang vocals for the record!

Where can people find out about the band and you’re music.

You can follow us on Facebook ( & Twitter (@flipsideup)

The EP is officially released on May 18th & we will be selling physical copies of the record at the Craufurd Arms show & on our website, along with a full range of new t-shirts (links below).

The record will also be going live on most online stores, including iTunes, Napster & Spotify around May 18th (subject to each sites individual publishing dates).

Flipsideup! will be headlining this Friday 18th at the Craufurd Arms in Wolverton, more information on the show can be found on Facebook by clicking here

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