Beerboys rejoice as Oceana stays open

By 2nd November 2011Uncategorized

Beerboys and slapper girls were in a state of joy this evening as it was announced that Milton Keynes’ favourite meat market is to remain open.

Luminar Leisure, which runs cheese-fest nightspot Oceana, entered into administration earlier this week – presumably because people realised that its clubs were full of wasted half-wits.

But today the administrators announced that Oceana, which attracts up to 2,000 punters each week with a combined IQ of, erm, 2,000, was one of the most popular venues in the chain, and is profitable enough to keep its doors well and truly open.

It was not one of the 11 clubs scheduled for closure, meaning Milton Keynes has a bright future of cheese-infested chav fests to look forward to.

One beerboy we found on the street told Beatcheck: “Oi oi! ‘avin’ it. Oceana’s well wicked.” His girlfriend started to give a comment before puking into a filthy kebab.

That says more than we could ever say.

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