Capdown: an interview with Milton Keynes’ favourite Ska Punkers

By 3rd August 2011Interview, Music

Capdown interview for Beatcheck Milton Keynes - music, punk rockCapdown are one of the biggest bands to have come out of Milton Keynes in recent years, and recently reformed after a five year break. We caught up Keith from the band to find out more about the concrete city’s favourite Punk Ska rockers.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Keith and play guitar for Capdown.

You have always come across as proud of your MK roots. What do you think of the scene here?
We are proud of making a bit of a name for music here. There is a wide base of people here who were committed to helping with community music and arts projects. Madcap in Wolverton is my first memory of a scene and we had massive amounts of help from the team at the Pitz Club, together with exceptionally good words and reviews from Sammy Jones at the Citizen. There really is a lot to be said about the creative work of the city – the Buszy project is just one example.

You have toured and played with some huge bands, how did you deal with it?
Playing with big bands in the punk rock scene thankfully was always a no stress situation. All the bigger American bands we shared a stage with seemed to have such a good work ethic that we really never had any problems, but it is a bit weird meeting people who wrote records you’ve owned and loved for years.

Capdown split in 2007. What made you decide to get back together?
We played the Slamdunk Festival in both Leeds and Hatfield last year. We had such a laugh we thought we’d carry on with a few shows this year too, as we are really lucky to still have people wanting to see us play.

What is your highlight of playing in the band?
Going to Japan, playing Glastonbury and telling Billy Bragg’s kids to shut up and go to sleep at 6am, playing 250 shows in one year (ouch!), recording at BBC Maida Vale, the list goes on. I’m mega proud of it all.

Finish this sentence “if you are in a band from Milton Keynes, you should…”
“… get stuck in. There seems to be loads going on that we never really had in the late nineties. The guys at the Craufurd Arms in Wolverton really have got a good thing going there. Put shows on yourselves if need be. Hire a room and rock, and keep sending stuff to labels and booking agents and, don’t just rely on the web (of deceit).

Capdown play in Milton Keynes this Friday, 5 August, at the Crauford Arms as part of a UK tour.

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