Dave Grohl takes an exclusive tour around Milton Keynes

By 4th September 2015October 20th, 2021Music

You’d think that while Dave Grohl is in Milton Keynes for his upcoming Foo Fighters gigs at the National Bowl, he might want to see the sights of this incredible city of dreams, right?


We sent a very polite email to his publicist (see below) inviting him on a magical mystery tour around our fair concrete metropolis.

We even offered trips to the infamous concrete cows, the city centre, and the train station – only to be told that this was ‘not going to happen’.

As you can imagine we were brokenhearted.

We’re fed up of these big name celebrities coming to the Keynes, playing our venues, and not getting stuck into the city itself.

So, undeterred, the Beatcheck Monkey and his trusty sidekick Stef decided to put on the tour anyway.

We think that ‘Dave’ had a great time. We certainly did. Check out the images and captions below and you can too.


And that was that. If only the real Dave could have joined us, it would have been even better – if that’s possible.

Anyhow, here’s the letter we sent to Dave’s publicist.

If only….

Dear xxxx,
We run a Milton Keynes based music and culture website,
beatcheck.co.uk, and I would like to enquire about the chances of
getting some time with Dave Grohl during his upcoming gigs at the
National Bowl in the city in July.
I am sure you are bored of getting interview requests, so instead we
would like to propose something a whole lot more fun.
You see, we figure that as Dave and the gang are in town for a couple
of days, they might want to see the sights of Milton Keynes, so we
propose a magical mystery tour of the concrete void that is MK.
We would propose we show him round:
– The finest artwork that mankind has ever seen – the Concrete Cows –
yes that’s right – cows made out of concrete. Can you imagine?
– The train station. It might look a little grey and square, but it’s
the main way out of MK, plus it’s got some pretty rude little skaters
hanging outside – great for getting down with the kids.
– The chain-store invested shopping center where Dave can by clothes
that make him look like every other chav in the UK
– We can probably think of more, but Dave’s probably going to want to
do some warming up for his show, so let’s leave it there for now.
Oh, and one more thing – Jason, (who runs the site with me) ┬áhis mum
has also offered to make Dave lunch. She makes a mean chicken salad –
perfect warm up for a big show, wouldn’t you say?
Of course we could film any part of this so Dave can prove to his
friends and family that he has REALLY been MK – oh and we’d put it on
our site too- it’d be some mean publicity, don’t you think?
Let me know if you think this is a go-er. I am quietly confident that
it will be.