Dub Pistols roll back to Mk this October

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Roll and come in, the Pistols come back to MK

Its been over two years now, but October 14th will see Barry Ashworh and his band of misfits, the Dub Pistols, make a long awaited return to the concrete city.

Known for their die hard party vibe the pistols should have been a recipe for oblivion, but the band that started out in the mid-90s with Barry DJ’ing while musicians jammed over the top has metamorphosed into a mighty reggaematic bass-driven live machine, a super-tight festival regular that keeps winning over new fans at Glastonbury, Bestival, Beat-Herder and festivals around the world.

For anyone who was there for their first live show in MK back in 2014, you’ll know first hand that its going to be a hot, sweaty bass driven roller coaster ride of a show that you wont forget.

Official support from: Kioko

Immediately picking airtime from Radio 1’s Huw Stephens along with reggae legend David Rodigan (who now regards himself as a fan!). Up and coming pop/reggae band from Birmingham, KIOKO.

‘Deadly Roots’ – the lead track from the band’s debut LP, ‘True What They Say,’New EP in August 2016.

Tickets £14 advance

Doors open 7:30pm

Support on stage 8:00pm

Over 16 years event

Standing Only