Five tracks for Christmas shopping survival

By 20th December 2011Video

Here’s the deal – it’s five days before Christmas. You need to buy 18 presents for people you don’t really like, and Milton Keynes Shopping Centre’s like a moron-infested ants nest from hell.

How do you survive for more than 15 seconds in the chaos of the City Centre without accidentally garroting people with a disposable spoon and mowing down old ladies with a home-made slingshot?

Never fear. Beatcheck is here with the answer¬† – and we think you’ll like it:

Simply take out your iPod, shut off the world, and put these five tunes on repeat. You’ll be safely removed from the Christmas chaos silently passing you by in the world outside.

1. Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy

2. Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul

3.Freestylers vs Pendulum – Painkiller (Kouncilhouse mix)

4. Autobots vs. Screwface – Apocalypse

…and if it all really gets too much, get involved in the Christmas terror with…

5.  Cliff Richard РMistletoe and Wine

That oughta do it.

Good luck!

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