Get down like your granny used to

By 23rd February 2012Activities, Uncategorized

Your gran might not look like she’s up for clubbing, but give her a couple of sherries and we put money on the fact that she has some stories to tell from her youth that’ll make your nights out sound like a Sunday stroll.

And now you can sample the tricks she might have got up to thanks to Hedna’s the Vintage Nightclub, which returns to the Stables this Saturday night.

Hedna’s sees a crowd of die-hard retro clubbers getting down  to sounds of the 1920’s and 30’s, while suited and booted in vintage clothing.

And just because it’s old, doesn’t make it edgy, as Edna told Beatcheck: “Our Grandparents showed us how to have fun, be glamorous and sexy in tough times. And importantly they knew how to dress and dance,” she said.

Think it’s not for you? Reckon you can’t get the retro look down? Nonsense says Edna: “The retro scene is a friendly one, and you will always find someone to share hair, fashion or makeup tips”

This is a far cry from the normal cheese fests that usually grace the nightlife of the concrete city, so we suggest you don your blazers, hitch up your nylon stockings, maybe grab your gran, and get yourself back to the past.

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