Gigs not art will give us our Satisfaction, Ronnie

By 21st October 2011Art

Ronnie Wood has not only survived more than 30 hardcore years of being one part of the Rolling Stones, he’s also held it together enough to be able to create a collection of artworks, and even put it on show in Milton Keynes.

Here is just one sample of what you might expect if you take a trip down to the Castle Galleries in thecentre:mk from tomorrow, with Wood’s small collection of acrylics and oils giving an artistic flavour of the Stones’ epic stage shows.

While we appreciate that Ronnie may have some artistic talent, and that his vibrant work might nicely show off the anthemic Stones at their best, there’s a better way in which he could fill our creative needs – and we think you know what it is: by throwing a gig a the Bowl.

The Stones have never played at Milton Keynes’ very own stadium rock heaven, and there’s only one poxy gig booked in there for the whole of 2012.

And if the Stones nor anyone else put on a show at the concrete city’s mega venue, where the hell are we going to get our fix of good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll for the next 14 months?

Not in a fancy art gallery that’s for sure.

So come on Keith, stop pissfarting around with those paintbrushes, dust your Zimmer Frame off, and we’ll all get down to some epic rock, shall we?

Thank you kindly.

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