How a new train line could make the concrete city cleverer

By 27th November 2011Feature

A new train line could bring some much-needed brainpower to Milton Keynes.

The new line, which received much-needed backing last week, would link up the concrete city with towns including Oxford and Cambridge.

If built, this so-called ‘brain train’ would have to be a good thing for a city which has long been known more for its thugs than its thinking power.

It would put MK within commuting distance of two of the country’s most exclusive university towns – bringing endless  possibilities.

Just think of what this new breed of university types would turn the place into: a town where you’re more likely to get into an intellectual debate than a bar brawl; where you’ll come across toffs rather than townies; where Oceana is burned down to make way for an opera; and kebab vans everywhere are run off the road and replaced with roaming wine bars.

Ok, so it might not be quite like that, and it probably wouldn’t be so great even if it were, but connecting our concrete wilderness with some of the brainiest towns in the world  has to be a good thing, and maybe those passing through with their bulging intellects would have a positive impact on our sometimes stupid city.

That’s what we reckon anyway.

Now excuse us while we leave you. We have to work on our thesis: ‘Beatcheckactivism: Radical Breakbeat Conflict Theories in a Post-Modern Metropolis.’

Check our brainy beats.

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