It’s ok – you can turn your radios on again now

By 28th June 2011Music

Are you bored of turning on the radio  in MK to be greeted by a wall of cheese spun out by Z-list celebrities in a studio the other side  of the country? Us too.

However, we may not have to tolerate this pain for much longer.

A group of radio pros have got together to come up with a new station that’s set to serve up something a little less cheese-infested on our airwaves. Starting with a month-long trial starting this Saturday, MKFM is a locally-produced and run station that’s set to shake up our FM world.

As well as playing the commercial  slush that appeals to the masses, the team behind the station is also planning on introducing something unimaginable to MK – niche music. They’re even thinking of pushing out some – wait for it – local talent. Kerazy.

Programme Director Chris Gregg told Beatcheck why MKFM has decided to give us what’s been so obviously lacking in the concrete city until now: “We believe that Milton Keynes is an important city with a unique identity which should have a local radio station,” he said: “We are committed to supporting local music and will be including special shows which can play unsigned and up and coming artists, as well as giving playlist opportunities to some local acts.”

We couldn’t agree more and we’ll be poised at our wirelesses (yes, we live in  the 1930’s), ready to see if the team are going to deliver on these promises when the channel starts pumping out beats this weekend.

Here’s for hoping.

Find MKFM on FM 107 from Saturday 2 July – or listen online at

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