Jamfree: ‘Every surface of our city should be a work of art’

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JamFree is a Milton Keynes-born-and-raised live graffiti performer, street artist, gallery exhibitor and all-round hairy bloke. We caught up with him to talk about his dark and distorted work that fills the blank canvas streets of our concrete city.

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Jam Free. I’ve spent the last few years of my life painting pictures and putting up posters. It’s been a concerted effort to try and change my surroundings – hopefully for the better

What does Milton Keynes offer to urban artists?
Milton Keynes is brand new. We are some of the first generations of this city so it’s kind of up to us to shape it in our vision. We have some amazing artists in this town already, and some really massive spaces of grey concrete. I just don’t think we have successfully put these resources together yet.

What could we do to improve the urban wilderness that is our city?
I think on every single surface a community project should be painting, or an artist, or just anyone with an idea. Milton Keynes could be a Mecca for artists from here and around the world. This is what I think makes me interested in Milton Keynes as a space – there’s just so much potential here, and I think if the council, loosened the rains a little and let the people who live here take control of their space instead of buffing everything in a matter of hours, in a few years we could be well on our way to having an amazing place to live in.

What would you call your proudest moments with your work? What brought a weep of joy to your mother’s brown eyes?
I think for my mum it was painting in Selfriges on Oxford Street. I think she thought that it really legitimised me as an artist, but for me it was going to paint in Israel. It was so nice being able to hang out with other artists who are into the same kind of stuff to me.

What would you say to any budding artists in Milton Keynes?
Ahh just keep on working. Most of painting is all practice. It’s like learning any skill – you don’t just pick up a guitar and you’re awesome at it straight away. Also don’t hide your stuff away. Get it out there, show it to people, get involved with stuff: exhibitions, live art events. Also you don’t just have to do stuff in Milton Keynes. With the internet you can get involved in things all over the place. Apart from that, remember just have fun, this is supposed to be the best job in the world, and your personality is what people want to see.

Jam Free blogs at http://jamfreecliffbeta.blogspot.com/

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