Junction 14 founding member: rave culture lives on in Milton Keynes

By 19th August 2011Feature, Interview, Music

Rave with J14 For years the Junction 14 Crew brought a smile to Milton Keynes ravers’ faces as they frustrated police with debauched free party after free party in the countryside around the concrete city.

The fun ended in the early 2000’s when the crew broke up, but we tracked down one of its founding members to get an insight into MK rave’s glory days. While they didn’t want us to give their name, this leader of the Rave did tell us about the love, the music, the end, and why rave culture still lives on in the concrete city – and for this we are eternally grateful. Here’s what they had to say:

J-14“It was a long time ago that Junction 14 had its debut – maybe 15 years . They were some of the best days of my life. We went, partied hard, cleaned up and went on our way looking forward to the next weekend of mayhem. It was all about the love – loving the tunes, loving the company, loving the beer, loving the fun times. Every time we had a party it was one to remember, then the next one would be even better.

“They were popular for a few reasons – the first being that we had nothing else to do. We also had some clever friends that liked making massive speakers, and we had a copious amount of DJs that needed their tunes to be heard.

“It ended because the police kept busting our parties and stopping our fun, taking equipment and such like. We also all grew up. Everything is more effort when you are older. We turned into the fair weather crew for a bit and came out for a few weekends a year when the sun shone.

“I think that rave culture has inspired some unique nights out on the Milton Keynes club scene. I think it’s hard to say for sure but most of the alternative nights out in MK are inspired by old raves and people that remember the good old vibes while listening to decent tunes. It’s easier to organise a legal bash than an illegal one these days for sure.

J14“Parties are definitely still  about if you are looking for them . The young ‘uns are still out there having it on the weekends come rain or shine that is for sure.

“You can take our dignity but you can never take our freedom!”

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