Milton Keynes’ four-legged film star

By 16th January 2012Feature

A Milton Keynes star took to the red carpet this week – proving the concrete city can create movie A-listers like the best of them.

The latest silver screen starlett took centre stage at the premier of Stephen Spielberg’s latest epic, War Horse, which is out now.

But this MK star isn’t just any ordinary actor. Oh no. Let’s just say he has more of a ‘stable’ background than most.

Ok, so it’s a horse.

But not just any horse. This is a horse called Joey from the Devils Horsemen, who are based just outside the concrete city, and have an esteemed history of providing equine stars for the silver screen.

And yes, he maybe a four-legged friend, and no, he’s never going to take on Brad Pitt for best looking actor in Hollywood, but he does have a leading role in the film, and he got to walk the red carpet, and, well, he’s the closest thing to Hollywood Milton Keynes is likely to get for a while – so let’s take what we can get, shall we?

Just one question remains unanswered: if he’s had so much success, why the long face?  BOOM!

Check out the trailor here.

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