Missing The Point? You could be soon.

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Milton Keynes doesn’t really have many Historic icons, but ever since its construction in the 80’s, The Point in central Milton Keynes has been one of them.

With recent news it looks like The pointy red tip of MK could soon be no more.


Plans to knock down The Point are underway and owners of the landmark have been showing off ideas for the new development at a recent exhibition. Predictably replacing our Red pyramid with yet more mainstream dull shopping units.

We say lets keep The Point, give it a wash, some love and some fresh thinking to bring it up to date and back to its former glory.

Here are our top five ideas for the owners to use as they please:

1) No Surprises here, but what about Super venue?

Each of the movie halls would convert in to perfect live venues, ten huge gigs all at the same time. Then convert the rest of the point in to a massive super club, the country’s ravers and rockers unite will unite in a the glory of Milton Keynes, lets put MK back on the musical map.

2) Zombie warfare HQ, basically Lazer-Quest with lots of zombies running around to shoot. this would be awesome, if not for the lack of zombies…..

3) A cinema complex, with restaurants, arcades, up to ten screens playing the latest block busters, they would need to do very little, what with already having ten screens playing the latest block busters.

4) With some slight alterations it could become a large scale replica of Madonnas right boob?

5) If the powers that be are looking for retail, then how about some real, independent shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. You don’t need to knock it down to put some human life and spirit back in to the place. They could actually do some good here.

The lovely people at MK News have set up a petition to “Protect The Point” you can sign it by clicking here

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