Oceana closes, leaving hole in Milton Keynes nightlife

By 28th March 2012Feature, Music

Milton Keynes’ biggest nightclub shut down this weekend, leaving a big cheese-shaped space in the concrete city’s late night scene.

Staff and promoters at Oceana in the Xscape buildng were informed the club would no longer open and all future events have been removed from the venue’s website.

There were fears for the 2,200 capacity club’s closure in October 2011 when its parent company Luminar Leisure went into administration.¬† It then appeared to have been saved, but this weekend’s developments have sealed the clubs’s fate.

Oceana opened in 2002, and has since pulled in thousands of people each week. Loved by some for its party mentality, and slated by others for its cheesy tunes, there  were mixed reactions from MK folk about its closure.

James wrote on the Beatcheck Facebook wall: “Can’t say I’m particularly disappointed by this news. About time.”

But others warned that we have lost another venue in a city with an already minimal choice. Claire wrote: “Lets face it, it wasn’t the best place to go in MK, but to be fair there’s not many decent places.”

Stpehen Lynn at Luminar, which owns the current lease, blamed the closure on failed negotiations with its landlords. He said: “Luminar has fought hard to keep Oceana open, but when prolonged negotiations with the venue landlords broke down, Luminar has had no choice but to cease trading the club at the Xscape complex.

A spokesperson for Xscape told Beatcheck that he expects a new owner to re-open the venue, but was unable to confirm when: “The lease at Oceana Xscape Milton Keynes expires on 1 April,” he said: “The current operator is therefore vacating the property. We are delighted to confirm that a new operator has signed a lease.”

While Oceana was never a world-class clubbing mecca, any loss of a venue for the Milton Keynes scene can never be a good thing. We will wait to see what the future may bring, but in the meantime Beatcheck will be wearing black. And cheese.

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