Pint down the Shed anyone?

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The Watershed

There is a new venue in town, and it smells nice and sounds even better….. this little place has picked up quite the cult following almost exclusively by word of mouth.

The watershed, it says above the door ”A dirty little arthole” and it’s self-described by “The shedheads” as a “tiny artistic commune with a massive heart. “

But we think it’s something more than that, it’s something Milton Keynes is in desperate need of.

A place for people to hang in the day and drink herbal tea and talk about their art, discuss politics or what type of veggie burger they like best, by night, a small underground mecha of likeminded people in to their music, hanging out and almost certainly their cider….

We asked watershed what makes them so different, “come see for yourself I guess” waswatershed their response,  they continue to say “maybe the fact it is run by volunteers who truly believe in it,  our atmosphere sells us so well this is created by the volunteers (Shedheads) and even more so by the folk that come , topped off with out of town acts consistently booked with the thought , – is it unique, would we pay to see it? “

The thing about the Watershed is, that even though its small and not that pretty, it’s cool and has a  heart & mind of its own. (although it might be a drunk or stoned one….)

The choice is yours, you have the chance to get involved something really cool with the balls to be different, created for you a ran by you,  or you can go and moan about how bland MK is, while drinking watered down beer in a soulless chain bar pumping out the same crappy chart CD and surrounded by the same fake tanned faces.

Find out more about the shed on Facebook here, or from their website here

We’ll see you down “the shed” for a nice cold one later then ay?

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