Police accused over Milton Keynes free party violence – video footage

By 9th March 2012Feature

Milton Keynes free party goers have slammed the police for what they see as the violent break-up of free parties in the city.

More than 90 police in riot gear broke up a rave in Old Wolverton last Saturday after arriving at the scene in 1.30am. Many who were there accused officers of heavy-handed tactics.

Now, fresh footage has emerged of police attacking a free-party goer at Bletchley late last year, calling into question the police’s wider approach to the free party scene.

The footage appears to show a police officer hitting a seemingly unarmed man with a baton during a stand-off.

Free parties hit the big time throughout the 1990’s and early 2000’s in Milton Keynes, and are continuing today, attracting hundreds of people across the city.

Now concerns are growing over the police’s approach to the scene.

‘Squidge’ who was at the party last week accused the police of “pure brutality,” and that Wolverton was turned into a “warzone”. Another party-goer, ‘Cassie’, accused the police of being: “Heavy handed with no respect for anyone.” “No need for it at all,” she added.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police refused to comment on the footage shown to the force by Beatcheck, but Detective Inspector Nick Glister defended his officers’ actions at the Wolverton party:

“Officers that attended this incident were met with mass hostility with people throwing tyres, bottles, and broken bits of wooden pallets at them,” he said: “It was a scary place to be.”

We say that while free parties might be illegal, and the police have a duty to enforce the law, there’s never an excuse for excessive force. Likewise, those up for a party should spend more time spreading the love, not throwing bottles around.

A bit of common sense on all side would help sort this out.

We’ll we watching with interest to see how the scene develops.

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