Primark army is drafted in, is this the end?

By 12th December 2012Feature

Ok, so it may not be the end of the world as many 12/12/12 scare stories might lead you to believe, but today marked the opening of the first Primark clone factory in Milton Keynes.

Over 300 shoppers braved the -5 weather conditions this morning, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to all dress in the same disposable clothes created in a sweatshop somewhere far away.

Plans for a second Primark have been submitted, another three story building to the tune of a £40 million development project in the heart of CMK.

The second store is set to be constructed on the site of our much loved traditional market, slap bang in the middle of the city. While there are plans to move the independent market traders to another location in the concrete shopper strip, this still strikes as yet another blow to independent stores and traders in the concrete city.

Are we losing some of our individuality to yet more chain stores, distend for bus after bus of identically dressed townies playing “X factor chart tracks” on their mobile phones?

Or is this a sign of the times, do we no longer need or want independent shops, bars, restaurants in our city?

Either way, the opening of Primark’s first MK store has created 290 new jobs for the people of Milton Keynes, with a second store under planning, is the loss of individuality worth the sacrifice or even better, is there space in MK for both chain and independent stores?

We would love to know what you think?