Producer profile: Magrex

By 10th October 2011Music, Producer profile, Uncategorized

In this new section we take a look at the concrete city’s finest production talent. First up on the Beatcheck hit list is the mighty Magrex.

magrex, beatcheck, producerKnown to his mates as Stu McGregor, Magrex is a Milton Keynes-based producer-cum-live artist who has been composing beats for the best part of a decade.

He gets the Beatcheck seal of approval thanks to his mashup of styles, with drum & bass, dubstep and electronica all thrown into an eclectic fusion of sounds. He also gets another Beatcheck gold star for throwing live action into the mix, with home-made controllers and creations and live drums helping to bring some fine dance music to life.

Check out his Soundcloud where you’ll find a tasty remix of Ed Sheeran’s A Team amongst other sweet treats. And in case you weren’t convinced about the live bit, here’s Magrex himself battering the drum & bass out of an innocent drum kit. It got what was coming to it.

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