Real racers to hit the streets of Milton Keynes

By 6th December 2011Activities

For years boy racers have claimed the streets of the concrete city as their own, but this weekend they’re going to be shown how it’s really done.

Saturday will see Red Bull arrive in the city with the Milton Keynes Home Run, which will be taking over the traditional boy racer circuit in the city centre with an all star cast of petrol heads.

red bullDavid Coulthard will be driving the Red Bull NASCAR, motorcycle stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer will be showing off his skills, and speeding in from the pit lane (just by Weatherspoons) will be Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber in their F1 cars.

Their mean machines will be driven at race speed around the street circuit, so remember your green cross code.

The event is set to attract over 35,000 people, and there won’t be a neon green spoiler, or a spotty nerd with a big exhaust in sight.

It all kicks off the Saturday at 10am.  Find out more here.

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