The Reggae Rickshaw

A classic pedal rickshaw coReggae Rickshawcombined with a high tech enclosed carriage, driven by a love of bass & reggae. Some might say the ultimate in Eco-friendly festival transportation

The pedal powered rickshaw is unlike anything else. Boasting a custom made, high tech – low power, reggae inspired semi enclosed carriage for up to two passengers.

The enclosed seats are positioned so passengers are facing each other to enhance the vibe within.

It’s not just transport, it’s an experience!

While there is a great practical Element in offering eco-friendly transport to you festival goers, the reggae rickshaw is intended to be fun and add and unique experience for the Green fields.

Our team of Reggae Rickshaw Riders are part of the experience, getting people involved and smiles glowing with wicked sounds playing.


This year we ride at

Green Meadows festival 2017

Shambala Festival 2017