Sheding Festival – Like Reading, but in a Shed

By 21st March 2012Activities, Music

You should know about the ‘dirty little art hole’ that is The Watershed by now, and this weekend sees the venue celebrate its first birthday.

Screw cake, jelly and musical chairs. These guys have created a version of Reading Festival – only you won’t need to sell your mother to Bulgarian pirates as a sex slave to get a ticket for this one.

Like Reading it’s spread over three days with a whole load of bands. That includes The Wondersmiths, who are not far off the Maccabees – who are playing Reading.

Its also got our favourite reggae rulers, the Dub Lions, who are like… the Dub Lions. They’re not playing Reading, but does Reading know anyway?

The fun Kicks off this Friday. Weekend tickets are £10, and day tickets are £5.

Find out more on the event page.

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