The top five reasons to love Folk on the Green

By 9th June 2011Activities

This Sunday sees everyone’s favourite daytime booze-up overtake Stony Stratford. We run down the five top reasons why you should be excited about Folk on the Green.

1. The music
The bands might not be world class, but there’s nothing better than seeing your mates cringe as they see their beer’d up dads on stage powering out Status Quo-esque middle of the road cheese rock on their guitars after seven pints of cider. Get amongst some of that parent rock action. That’s what we say.

2.The Chavs
Well it wouldn’t be an MK event without chavs, now, would it? Folk on the Green gives us an excuse to watch topless thugs getting boozed up and fighting as their vicious dogs get dangerously close to attacking small children. Don’t you just love ’em?

3. The mud
Let’s face it – Horsefair Green isn’t Wembley – and a few hundred people trampling on it for few hours quickly turns the village green into a mud bath. Still, at least it gives kids something to play with (there’s nothing else for them to do)- and you might just spot the odd drunk mum or fighting chav take a tumble onĀ  the brown stuff- which only has to add to the entertainment.

4. The people
The words ‘People gatherer’ doesn’t even come close. Not only will all your mates be there, a trip to Folk on the Green is also guaranteed to see you run into anyone from your mum’s best friend’s slightly mental daughter or your old next-door-neighbor who moved to Peru seven years ago but has somehow made it back to MK to come and sit in a muddy village green for the afternoon.

5. The name
It’s known as ‘Toke on the Green’.
Nuff said.

Folk on the Green takes place on Sunday 12 June on Horesfair Green, Stony Stratford from 11.30 until 17.30

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