The National Bowl – top five videos

By 9th February 2012Music, Video

Milton Keynes might not have many big spaces for gigs but it does have the mother of all venues in the form of the National Bowl. In honour of the concrete city’s very own outdoor arena we thought we’d bring you the top five memories that YouTube can provide:

1. The Foo Fighters ft.  Seasick Steve and John Paul Jones (2011)
What do you get if you combine Dave Grohl, a member of Led Zeppelin, and a sick blues guitarist? Incredible music that’s what…

2. The Prodigy (2010)
The Prodigy’s biggest ever solo show. Was it also their best?

3. Metallica (1993)
What more can we say?

2. Green Day (2005 )
Punk rock (or punk ‘block’ in this Lego version) masters Green Day thrash out American Idiot in epic style.

5. The Gallows (2010)
Alright so the tunes might not be up to high standards of the headliners in the rest of this list, but look at the size of this mosh pit….

Think we’ve missed something? You’re probably right.
Tell us we’re wrong. Go on. We like arguing. We’re sometimes quite good at it.

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