Top five things to do in Milton Keynes this Bank Holiday weekend

By 26th August 2011Activities, Uncategorized

The last Bank Holiday of the year beckons, and while we can’t promise good weather, we can give you our top five tips of what to do in our concrete city this weekend, so here goes:

1. Keep calm and KKBB: This Friday night is all about the indie as the local authority on the scene Kiss Kiss Bang Bang takes over the Slug and Lettuce for another indie rock dance night complete with visual delights. They request that if you don’t  get on with people and like to start fights that you don’t bother coming. While this might cut out 95 per cent of the city’s population, it’s probably a sensible policy all things considered.

2. Get Trapped: If you are into your house, have good hair and love skinny jeans, Sunday is all about the Trapped Bank Holiday special. If anyone knows house, tech, future music, and good hair, it’s these guys.

3. Get back into your garage: Does the modern day scare you to the soul? Then why not pretend it’s still the mid-nineties and garage is still at its heyday by going to Rewind to the 90s at Oceana on Sunday? It’s hosting all the artists everyone hated back then but because they’re retro it’s ok to like them now.  You know the ones: So Solid, Luck  N Neat, Lisa Mafia, the Artful Dodger etc. We hate it so much we almost love it.

4. Soak up your hangover: After all of this fun you’ll want to kill your hangover, and while you’re at it, why not clog your arteries too by visiting the Super Sausage? This greasy spoon on the way to Towcester has been a trucker pitstop for more than 60 years, and if their killer fry ups don’t pick you up ready to start over again, then nothing will. You might as well end it all now.

5. Get up for work at 7.30am on Monday: then remember its a bank holiday weekend. Go back to bed. Knock one out. Sleep. Job’s a good’un.

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