We need you to put the LA into MK

By 30th May 2011Music

Get involved in King Underground’s MC battle jam and help bring South Central to the concrete city

Milton Keynes is not that different from South Central Los Angeles.

That’s what we reckon anyway.

There’s already a lot that our concrete wilderness has in common with the US West Coast’s notorious inner city sprawl.

We’ve already got the dirty city streets, we’ve taken on the grid sysem, Jamfree is working on the street art and we have our own gangs (even if ours are made up of twelve year olds outside offie’s shouting: “Oi mate, get me some snouts yeah?” Hell, since last week we’ve even got the drive-by shootings – although less of that would probably be a good thing.

But unlike our own concrete wilderness, what South Central has given the world is some culture. LA’s most notorious zone gave us the birth of gansta rap, with NWA, Dr Dre and crew creating a whole new era of epic hip hop music.

All that MK has managed to provide is Jo Wiley, a couple of newsreaders and the obsessive overuse of the roundabout.

So how can MK catch up with LA’s cultural power?

Well, gangstas of the Milk N Beans, with the help of a local promotions crew, you can take on the challenge yourself.

For the past few years, promoters King Underground have been single-handidly attempting to put MK on the hip hop map. They’ve already put on some of the biggest hip hop events in the city, and now they need you to step in to help on their mission.

June 10 sees KU and Dephect Clothing host an MC Battle at the SnoBar, and they want the people of our city to get down, spit out lyrics and beat down some MC opponents.

You may not be Dr Dre, Ice Cube or Easy E, but if you do give it a go, not only will you be in with the chance of winning some pride, but also £100 in hard cash, and you’ll be helping us in our aim to recreating South Central in sleepy Southern England.

So take a look at the King Underground site or email dan@kingunderground.com for details of how to take part and help put the LA in MK.

West side.

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