Why you should go to the Concrete Pint Beer Festival

By 13th October 2011Activities

Looking for an excuse to drink beer this week? Well look no further. Milton Keynes’ very own beer festival is here.

The Concrete Pint Beer Festival is now on at the Buszy. It’s big, its, bad, and its run by CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale.

And if it’s a campaign, it must be a good cause, right?

Wrong? Maybe, but here’s five more reasons to convince you to get yourself down amongst the booze hounds:

1. The venue: This year the booze fest is at the mighty Buszy, the new youth and community hub by the train station. If you haven’t checked out this nicely fitted-out little space yet, here’s your chance.

2. The beer bellies: If the Government ever get short of ideas for anti-drinking campaigns, the bellies at beer festivals would make a good advert for avoiding the booze for life. The male, female, and hard-to-tell beer bellies on display are sure to be something to behold. Look – but we warn you -don’t touch.

3. The dad dancing: If you’re worried about the beer bellies, now imagine beer bellies wiggling around in a drunkern stuper, wobbling up and down to the sound of rock covers. Think a hip-spinning Pat Butcher on 10 pints of special brew, and you’re half way there. Mmmmmm.

4. The booze: Need something to put beer bellies and dad dacing out of your mind? Well you’ve come to the right place. There’s more than 70 beers and a load of ciders and perries of all different colours, blends, tastes, and strengths. Get yourself a glass, dive in, and by the time you know what’s going on you’ll be jiggling your newly-formed belly on the rock-cover dance floor with the best of them.

5. The local touch: Bet you never knew that there was beer brewed in the concrete city did you? Well there is, and it’ll all be on offer at the festival. Our pick of the hops is the range from the Concrete Cow Brewery. Set up by Dan Bonner after a hobby got out of hand, he’s been serving the concrete city with locally-produced beer for the last four years. Dan told Beatcheck: “Most of the beer is drunk within 15 miles of the brewery.” Let’s get down to the festival and help him back that statistic up shall we?

The Concrete Pint Beer Festival is now on at the Buszy and runs until Saurday 15 October. Find out more here.

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